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The Nicholas Connoisseur Collection includes a Cork Pops Legacy gas-powered cork remover and a VinOair Aerator-Pourer. 


For those wine bottles with corks, the Cork Pops Legacy makes it fun and easy to open your bottle without the fuss of a traditional corkscrew. All you do is simply insert the needle into the cork, making sure that it goes straight down and right through the cork. Press once and the cork pops out! Comes with a spare gas cartridge and extra refills are of course available.


Proper aeration of wine is a vital step towards appreciating the perfect glass. The aerator and pourer, all-in-one, will oxygenate your wine and minimise splashes and stains when pouring. Simply place the aerator-pourer onto the mouth of the wine bottle and pour as normal. Achieve perfectly oxygenated wine in seconds.

Nicholas Connoisseur Collection - Cork Popper & Aerator-Pourer

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