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Provide: Wine Information

We aim to provide you with the most comprehensive information about Western Australian (WA) wineries, vineyards and wines, to help you to discover and enjoy the broadest selection of WA wines.

This information includes general editorials and videos that are easy to consume, covering wine types and locations of all WA vineyards/wineries, as well as stories behind the scenes from the winemakers. Then, more detailed information for people who are looking for more depth and statistics. 

As a new venture, we'll be researching and publishing a significant amount of basic information initially and building on this base to continuously improve.

It's a huge task but we're up for it with your support.

Woman at Vineyard
WWD Information
Man Smelling Wine

Provide: Wine Education

Enjoyment of wine can be impacted by so many factors. It can be a complex subject but by learning a few things, you can greatly improve your appreciation of almost any wine according to your own budget and taste.

In our upcoming education series, we'll cover a broad range of subjects, including choosing the best glass,  wine for drinking now vs. ageing, sniffing and tasting, fun and benefits of blind tasting, wine pairing, and much more.

Making Wine
WWD Education

Provide: Wine Reviews

Reviews of wine are personal. Which wines we like varies, from one individual to another.


For example, some love their Chardonnay oaked and others recoil at it. The same goes for sweet and fortified vs. dry wines.


So remember, the most important reviewer is you. What you like is the most important thing.

We'll provide our own views and include ratings and awards given by industry experts. However, we're also interested in the opinions of our members and supporters - you!

Pouring Wine
WWD Reviews
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Support: WA Community

We create opportunities for interaction and knowledge sharing, in a community with a common interest in WA wines. Subscribe to stay informed, via email, by filling out the simple form at the bottom of this page. We will send out emails occasionally, weekly at most.


In addition to this website and our YouTube channel, we have a public “WineVine WA – Australia” Facebook page. Like and follow us to keep right up to date with new articles, video releases and general offers as they become available.


We have member-only private Facebook group, where members can discuss and ask about WA wines; with us, with other members and with Wine Industry members. We are planning future member-only events (e.g. Video-conference with experts, exclusive wine-tastings, wine education and Q&A sessions). Memberships will be offered from sometime in early 2021.

We also have some special collaboration options planned for the future, aimed at wine industry members.

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WWD Community

Explore: Wineries & Regions

We encourage exploration of vineyards and wineries, visiting cellar doors that lie throughout WA's wine areas, along with the beautiful countryside and attractions in WA wine regions.


Not only do we provide locations and wine types for all of WA's vineyards/wineries, we will provide custom maps, touring routes and lots of other information to help you plan your visits. You can drive yourself or we can connect you with local tour operators that we specifically recommend.

We'll provide up-to-date wine event calendars and where to find out more. We partner with local WA tourism offices and wine industry groups, to bring the latest news on wine events across all of WA.


We'll notify our followers and members through social media and email communications.

WWD Adventure

Provide: Products + Offers

We aim to offer a range of quality products that enhance your enjoyment of wine.


We do not directly sell wine, except where included as part of a gift package. However, we do seek and provide access to great deals to save you money on the wines you love. We help our members to locate and purchase WA wines from wine producers or 3rd party retailers at the best price.

Our online shop opened, December 2020, with a range of wine-related products and referral links to affiliate retail partners for general wine sales. 

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WWD Products
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