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Explore WA's Wine Regions & Subregions

Western Australia's Wine Regions are where most of WA's wine is produced, with the highest concentrations of wineries and vineyards within the state. For further explanation of regions, subregions and zones, see Wine Areas

You can explore WA's nine wine regions by clicking on the relevant areas in the map image below, or by scrolling down further where you'll also see a brief introduction to each region.

Blackwood Valley Wine Region

Blackwood Valley Region has lush pastures, rolling hills and forest. It lies inland in the mid-southwest of WA. Around 3 hours drive from Perth.

Geographe Wine Region

Stretching from the ocean at Busselton to the forests and hills of the Ferguson Valley. An emerging wine region building a reputation for high-quality wines. It's also defended by Gnomes! Around 2 hours drive from Perth.

Great Southern Wine Region

Great Southern is the largest area in all of Australia that's designated as a wine region (not zone). It's the most southerly wine region in WA and contains no less than five subregions. Around 4.5 hours drive from Perth.

Manjimup Wine Region

Manjimup is a young up-and-coming region at the gateway to Western Australia’s southern forests. Around 3.5 hours drive from Perth.

Margaret River Wine Region

Margaret River is the most renowned WA wine region. It's one of the most scenic in Australia, with a food and wine culture second to none. Around 3.5 hours drive from Perth.

Peel Wine Region

Peel region covers a relatively large area, running from coast to hills and forest. It's geographical size belying the fact that it's the smallest wine region in Western Australia by vineyard area. Around 1.5 hours drive from Perth.

Pemberton Wine Region

Remote, expansive forests with tall trees and great roads for wonderful drive and wine experiences. What's not to like? Around a 4 hour drive from Perth.

Perth Hills Wine Region

The Perth Hills region lies along a north-south stretch of the Darling Range, Its central point lies almost directly east of Perth. There's a lot to discover and is only a 30 minute drive away from Perth's city.

Swan District Wine Region

WA’s oldest wine region, running from the coast, north of Perth to the foothills of the Darling range. Includes the popular Swan Valley and more. Just 30 minutes drive from Perth.

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