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This Water Pitcher-Jug, with a grapes design, is part of an exclusive, limited collection, made by "Etain et Prestige", Paris, France.

Dimensions: 140 mm high. Capacity 500 ml.


DON'T MISS OUT! This is a unique opportunity to purchase this 'collector's item' from new. Produced by "Etain et Prestige" of Paris, France, the company closed its doors in 2012. WineVine WA's entire "Etain et Prestige" collection, has been sourced in entirety, from the person who was the company's representative in Australia. Having remained hidden until recently rediscovered, they are now offered exclusively by us, never to be repeated, with stock limited to the quantity selectable for purchase in the WineVine WA online store.


Made from Pewter metal.

Etain & Prestige: Water Pitcher-Jug (Grapes)

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