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Make opening wine bottles with corks easy and fun! Toss out your old corkscrew and update to this stylish and speedy cork extractor. The Cork Pops Legacy brings fun to opening your favourite bottles of wine that still use corks.


How to use:

  1. Easily remove the foil with the built-in foil cutter
  2. Simply insert the needle straight through the cork
  3. Press once and the cork safely pops out!
  4. Hold the top section and twist the bottom section to remove the cork


Cork Pops Legacy is designed to fit all standard wine bottles including those with a flanged lip.

Cork Pops 'Legacy' Wine Opener

Out of Stock
  • Cork Pops Gas Canisters

    Each individual Cork Pops gas canister will open up to 50 bottles! Refill canisters are available for purchase in pairs.

    The CO2 gas used is odorless, colorless and tasteless, completely safe to use. It will not alter the bouquet of the wine in any way, allowing you to enjoy glass after glass.

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