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First and Future Editions of "WineVine WA News" Newsletter

Hi. I'm Trevor Yardley, Wine Evangelist and owner at WineVine WA. Established in December 2020, we are still new, growing our capability and gathering lots of information for you.

On 24 September 2021, I welcomed subscribers to the first edition of "WineVine WA News".

Photo: Cape Mentelle, Margaret River

The information in that first edition was generated specifically for email, so current & future subscribers will not generally have access to it unless they have received and kept a copy in their email.

Therefore, I have decided to create all future newsletter articles in this news 'blog' on the WineVine WA website,

From today, you will see NEWS included in the website's menu. In future, email newsletters will still be sent out, but they will now contain brief introductions and links to the articles on this site.

I'm also re-publishing the first newsletter, broken into separate article posts, so they are not lost.

To kick off, this post covers the first newsletter's opening section, and posts covering the two winery articles mentioned below will follow.

We're all about Western Australian Wines

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In the first newsletter...

We highlighted two Margaret River wineries, "Mr Barval Fine Wines" and "Mongrel Creek Vineyard", both boutique wineries with cellar doors worth visiting and with some interesting wine varieties.

There's a full video interview with Robert Gheradi at Mr Barval Fine Wines, which covers more topics than the two shorter 'Mr Barval' videos available via our website.


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