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The Zzysh Argon Wine Preserver effectively keeps your wine from oxidising and helps to retain its natural flavour and quality for weeks! Using innovative technology, the Zzysh works by injecting 100% food safe argon gas into the bottle and removing oxygen.


Enveloped by argon gas and shielded by the Zzysh Wine Stopper, the wine stays perfectly protected. Argon is heavier than the replaced air and has no reaction with wine, so the wine’s aroma, flavour, colour and quality are preserved, meaning you can enjoy your favourite bottles by the glass at your own pace.


How to use:

  1. After pouring, seal the opened bottle with the zzysh® Wine Stopper (also sold separately)
  2. Connect the hand piece to the zzysh® stopper and press down for 3-5 seconds before releasing
  3. Store your bottle upright, preferably in a refrigerator


Each cartridge can preserve up to eight opened wine bottles.

Zzysh Wine Preserver Set

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